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Why Did Mexican’s Elect the PRI Back Into Office?

So Mexican citizens have elected Pena Nieto a member of the PRI party as President of Mexico. If you have no idea what the PRI is or why this election is significant please read the post below. But the main question is why? Why would Mexican’s elect a member of a party with a poor human rights record and a history of corruption back into office after 12 years of freedom for PRI rule? Well here is the main reason:

Drug Cartels, Drug Cartels, Drug Cartels

As you may know drug cartels are a MAJOR problem in Mexico and was the main focus of the election. During PRI rule instead of fighting drug cartels like Mexico’s last president Felipe Calderon, the government usually paid them off and was able to stop the violence we see in Mexico today.

 Felipe Calderon

Since 2000 there has been a resurgence in drug cartel violence since the PRI were not in power and didn’t pay off the drug cartels. This led to huge acts of violence by drug cartels such as decapitation, skinning and in 2011 the attack of a casino in Monterrey and the deaths of 52 people.

The burning Monterrey casino

The resurgence in violence has weakened the Mexican peoples faith in the PAN party and they have began to see the PRI as a way to a more stable future. In other words the PRI may have been corrupt but at least people weren’t being decapitated and skinned.

The worldwide recession which also helped undermine faith in the previous administrations was another factor in the violence. As people who lost jobs sought an income from working for the cartels.

Abandoned Mexican factory

This is the main factor leading to Pina Nieto’s election as President

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